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Crushed Metallic Lame Tissue Worship Flags

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Worship Flags Design

Worship Flags Meaning

PURPLE Royalty, wealth, prosperity. Kingly; wealth; prince; authority; political power and wealth in the sense of dishonesty and wickedness (Babylon); royalty; majesty power in wealth and royalty; expensive to buy. (Dan. 7: 5, 16, 29; Judges 8: 26; John 19: 2, 5; Rev. 17: 4; 18: 16; Acts 16: 14; Prov. 6: 27; Acts 2: 3; Zech. 5: 2; Is. 6: 5-7; Luke 12: 49-53; Song 8: 6; Heb. 12: 29; Heb. 1:7)

  • People who choose PURPLE usually wants to move into their royal position as the Son & Daughter of God.
  • Becoming Sons and Daughters of God, you carry with it authority, power, wealth and prosperity.
  • Becoming Sons and Daughters of God is a relationship a believer establish with the Father in Heaven.

Sizes FM (38"x45") FXL (45"x60") 

  • S & M size suitable for Beginners and Advanced Worshiper
  • L size Suitable for Advanced Worshiper
  • Very Light and effortless use.
  • Light enough for complete freedom of expression
  • May be use for hours without getting tired
  • Light weight and less likely to injure those around you
  • Special sleeve bearing to keep the flags freely spinning without entanglement
  • Our L Flags may be wave in any direction without flag falling of the poles.
  • Easily shrink to about 15" and conceal in backpack or hand carry bags
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Maintenance free

Standard Lead-time 

1 weeks when stock is not available.

Price shown is for 1 x Flag includes 1 x Fiber Glass telescopic Pole.