Telescopic Pole - Rectangular

Telescopic Pole for Worship Flags

Flags with rigid pole are the traditional style of mounting style. They comes is stick, aluminium rods etc.
Rigid pole is fixed length and can be hard to conceal or transported. Wooden pole are heavy and sometimes tiring to use for the uninitiated.

Fiber Glass Telescopic Pole for our Worship Flags

We decided to only supply all our rectangular shape flags with telescopic fiber glass pole. Telescopic pole has the advantage of able to shrink to short length (15″-16″). It can be easily concealed in a hand carry bag.

It is also very light. No more than 60 grams (2.1 oz) for the S, M, L-Size flags. This makes flags worship less tiring and suitable for all worshiper.

Our telescopic pole comes with special built in metal bushing to keep the flag twirling or spinning without entanglement. The worship flags will not fall off even when they are spinned upside-down.

XXL size pole available up to 13″ Length

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