Dynamic Power of Holy Spirit - Silk Printed Worship Flags

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Product Overview

Worship Flags Design

"The Dynamic Power of Holy Spirit".

What is Dunamis, or resurrection power? Romans 1 says that when we first received Jesus we were filled with 'a power into salvation.' That word power is Dunamis.

It is the resurrection power that filled your spirit man and causes you to be born again. But it does even more then get us saved. The word Dunamis means "excellence of soul!'

Right now you have a tank full of soul healing power already inside of you!!! It can heal every wound that came from a divorce, loss of a loved one, loss of your children, loss of a job or house. By faith just release it today. Command it to flow from your spirit into every painful wounded place in your inner man!! Decree you are excellent of soul.
Then watch as you prosper and are in health even as your soul prospers!!

- Katie Souza

Worship Flags Lead-time & Size

Features: Ultra light and Flowing

Experience Level: AWESOME for Beginners to Advanced

Weight: Very light

Flow characteristic: Fast

Sound: Low to Medium

Set:  Single (1 flag) or Pair (2 Flags – 10% Off)

Fabric: Custom Printed Habotai Silk

Cut: Straight rolled hem outer edge

Dowel: Telescopic Fiber Glass Pole (Not wood) with bush bearing Flag swirl & easily around the pole and will not fall off

Worship Flags Approximate Size:

M (45"x 35") Telescopic (93 grams), Quill (65 grams)

L (51" x 40") Telescopic (107 grams) Quill (106 grams)

Quill Flag - Flexible Flow Rod

Less that 0.2KG including Flag

Worship Flags Lead-time

3-4 weeks when stock is not available.

Lead-time 3-4 weeks when stock is not available.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review