Design – 4th like the Son of God


Daniel 3:25 Speaks of “The 4th person in the fiery furnace like the Son of God”. God promise to stand beside you when you go through fiery trial and persecution.

This flag was created to convey the assurance that even though we are facing an End-Time situation where persecution for your faith and beliefs will become more and more real like the three Jewish boys, nonetheless God is still in full control of the events that are unfolding.

We must continue to take our stand with the Son of God Jesus regardless of what the enemy throws at us. When we stand righteous and fearless with him, we know how the story story ends in the book of Revelation. The over comer shall have their reward.

A martyr shall have even greater reward.


4th like the Son of God

Today, this is increasingly true.

Never a time in history where almost in every country, we are told to keep our social distance, we are not allow to meet in Churches and gather as a people of God.We are now told we need to be track by mobile phone apps in order to allow to move freely. Potentially a precursor to accepting the mark of the Beast.

As a believer are we able to reject this?